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Simplify your Sales Efforts…

The Keys to improving the results of any
sales organization:

  • People
  • Process
  • Maniacal Focus on Execution to achieve
    Desired Results

We leverage our sales solutions (rooted in
over 50 years of experience and research)
to assist you with all three areas.

"Sales is a challenging process, however
combining the Science of Sales with the
Behavioral Art of Selling...Sales is Simple."
Rod McKinnis

Case Studies

Many of our Clients view us as their Competitive Edge therefore we do not reveal their identity unless they grant permission. However, below are some examples of how we can help you improve your sales results:

The Franchise

Poor Sales Performance despite a high profile location


  • Conflicting Selling Styles between the office and the demographic
    • Sales staff were Performers
    • Area was made up of Analyzers

Sales Training Objectives:

  • Recognize their personal selling styles
  • Balance selling styles and enabled the team to sell to a broader audience
  • Master buying behaviors


  • Improved Gross Production by 120% in 5 months
  • Customer Satisfaction increased 42%
  • Increased Team Morale

The Global Company


  • Reduce Turnover
  • Increase Revenue


  • Ineffective Salespeople
    • Low Energy (AVG Score = 42)
    • Weak Sales Initiative (AVG Score = 30)
    • Weak Sales Identity (AVG Score = 40)
    • Poor Goal Focus (AVG Score = 26)
    • Poor Telephone Score (AVG = 47)
  • Determined the company was hiring the wrong people
    • Hiring and training costs were very high
  • Inefficient Sales Management Process


  • Assessed the Top Performers and Bottom Performers to obtain the ideal sales behaviors for the job
  • Created a Hiring Template based on the Sales Behaviors necessary for optimal performance:
    • High Energy
    • Strong Sales Initiative
    • Strong Goal Focus
    • Strong Telephone
      • Introduced Science of Sales Management
    • Transformed desired sales goals into daily sales activity
      • Created sales goals and standards
      • Instilled accountability
    • Identified “Selling styles” of the Sales Reps
    • Trained the Management Team to master of the “Selling styles” to become better coaches



  • Reduced turnover by 40% in 12 months
  • Reduced hiring and training cost by 52% in 12 months
  • New Hires outperformed 6 month goals by 135%
  • Gross Sales Revenue increased 94% in 12 months